Sunday, October 12, 2008

Window 2003 Termianl Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Server End:
During Installain of Windows 2003 Server, Terminal srver installs by default, no need to install again.

Step 1:Share Remoter Desktop Connection by sharing this folser: C:\Windows\system32\clients\tsclient\win32 to access folser and copy in their system.
Step 2: Give permission to user e.g imran by Right click on win32 folder, click propterties, select Security tab and click add, enter user name: imran (this user should already be created in server machine) under enter Object name
Step 3: Allow remote users to access remotely by Enabling Remote access.
Step 4: Right click on My computer, Click Properties, select Enable Remoter Desktop in this computer.

client Side:

Step 1: If your client is Windows XP: Click start, All programmes, Accesseries and then Open Remote Desktop Connection
Step 2: Write IP of terminal server e.g
Step 3: Give user name and password, this usre name and passward should be permit
Step 4: This will open the Terminal to you

Note: Default mode (Administrative) only allow 2 users to access.

Changing Remote Administrative to Applicatoin user
Server Side
Step 1: Open Add/remove programs from Control panel
Step 2: Open Add/remove Windows components, check the terminal serve after opening the window
Step 3: Click next, this will start installain, privide Windows 2003 serve CD.
Step 4: Finish and restart the machine.

Managing the Terminal Server by opeing the Terminal service Manager
To manage Terminal Services Protoclo Configuratoin RDP, open Terminal Service Configuration from Administrative tools

Window 2003 DFS Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Server Side:

In windows 2003 Installatin, DFS is installed by default, no need to install again.

Client Side:
Step 1: Make a filder e.g c:\DFS-client1
Step 2: Share the folder and set the permissin.

Server Side:
Step 1: Make a folder and share it, e.g C:\root
Step 2: Open Distributed File System from Administrative Tools
Step 3: Right click on Distributed file systme, Click New Root, a wizard will start, click Next.
Step 4: If you have Domain, select Domain root, if WORKGROUP then Stand-alone root , I am using stand-alone root, click Next.
Step 5: Write Server name or IP e.g, click Next
Step 6: Now give the root name, shared folder made in first step on srver e.g root and Finish the wizard.
Step 7: After finish right click on \\TEST03-SERVER\root and click New Link
Step 8: Name of Link for client1 e.g, select the path to shared folder by click on Browse, Entire Network, Microsoft Windows Network, Workgroup, 2003-client select DFS-client1, press ok, Finsih
Step 9: Repeat the same steps for other clients.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Window 2003 FTP Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Server Side

You server must have IIS and static IP
InstallationStep 1:
Step 1: Open add/remove programs from Control panel
Step 2: Click add/remove windows components,
Step 3: Select Application Server, select Internet Information Server (IIS), click details, check FTP along with default checks.
Step 4: This will start installation wizard, provide 2003 cd, during install.

Step 1: Open IIS from Administrative Tools
Step 2: Right click on FTP Sites, click New FTP Site..
Step 3: Wizard will start, Next, wirte Description e.g ftp server, Next
Step 4: Select IP e.g, port 21 (default), Next
Step 5: FTP user usolation, check Isolate users, Next
Step 6: FTP sites home Directory, browse, select drive e.g C, click Make New Folder, cheate folder e.g FTP, ok
Step 7: Allow file permission Read, Write (if you want to give write rights), finish
Client Side
Step 1: Open browser and write serve IP
Step 2: Provide credentials if required
Step 3: Browse and use

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Window 2003 Web Server (IIS) Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Server End
DNS in your networkd.
Domain in your network.
Static IP configured in server where you are going to install IIS.
Make a folder e.g C:/web in you server and store page inded.html

Step 1: Open control add/remove programs, click add/remove Windows components
Step 2: Select Application services, click details
Step 3: Check Internet Information Services
Step 4: Click ok then Next


Step 1: Open IIS from administrative tools
Step 2: Right click on Web sites, click New site...
Step 3: Wizard will start, next, description e.g my web site, next
4tep 4: Give IP:, prot 80 default, header
Step 6: Browser the path to we directory e.g web
Step 7: Set the web site permission, next and finish.
Step 8: Expand the web sites folder left side and right click on websites click propterties
Step 9: Click the Documents tab, move up default page index.html to top
Step 10: Ok

Client Side
Step 1: Set the DNS to Your DNS server
Step 2: Open the browser and write
Step 3: This will open the page
Step 10:

Window 2003 DHCP Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

You server should have static IP on it.

Step 1: Click add/remove windows components in add/remove progmrams in Control panel
Step 2: Select Networking Services, dlick details,
Step 3: check only Dynamic Host configuration Prptocol (DHCP), OK, Next, This will start installation
Step 4: Finsih


Step 1: Open DHCP from Administrative Tools
Step 2: Right Expand Computer name e.g Test03-server, click New Scope
Step 3: Write name of scope e.g fizaan-dhcp and Descrition
Step 4: Enter Start IP: e.g and End IP: e.g, Subnet mask Length: 24 and mask:, Next
Step 5: Skip Add Exclusions, Next, Lease Duration change default 8 days to 1, press Next
Step 6: Configure options now, press Next, Give Router IP of your Network:
Step 7: Give Domain Name:, DNS server IP:, WINS server IP:
Step 8: Activate scope, select Yes I wan to activate this scope now, Press Next

Your DHCP server is ready now

Client side Steps
Open properties of client network card, put on get IP automatic and release old by writing ipconfig /rlease on dos prompt.

Changing/Writing later DNS,WINS and Router IP

Step 1: Open DHCP from Administrative Tools and expand the Scope tree folder
Step 2: Right click on Server options and Click Configure options (same can be done via scope options)
Step 3: From General tab select different options check Router IP, WINS, DNS and give respective IP
Step 4: Click apply and ok

Window 2003 WINS Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance


Step 1: Open add/remove Windows by selecting add/remove programes in Control Panel
Step 2: Select Networking Service, click details
Step 3: Check Windows Internet Name Server
Step 4: Click Ok, Next


Step 1: Open WINS from Administrative tools and expand Computer Name e.g TEST03-SERVER (
Step 2: Right Click on Active Registration then select Display
Step 3: From new window, Click Record Types (3rd Tab), Click Clear All
Step 4: Select only those tecord which you want to display, Click Find now

Back up WINS Database
Step 1: In WINS, right Click on computer name and select properties
Step 2: In General tab, click browse, select driver, make new folder e.g WINS backup, press OK.
Step 3: Right click again on computer name and click backu, it will take the backup

Restore WINS backup
Step 1: Stop WINS service by right click on Computer name in WINS, all taks then Stop, this will put red cross on WINS (cannot find WINS server)
Step 2: After stop, right click on computer name agian in WINS, click Restore Database
Step 3: Provide path and click ok

WINS Replication

Step 1: Install WINS on 2nd Computer in the same way did in frist.
Step 2: Open WINS from Administrative Tools, select computer name
Step 3: Right click on Replication Partner, select New Replication partner
Step 4: In pop-up windows give the IP or name of 2nd WINS e.g
Step 5: Select the Replication partner in right windows, right click on it
Step 6: Start push Replication, check Start for this partner only, press ok, ok
Step 7: Start pull Replication,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Window 2003 Secondary DNS Server/Taking Backup of Primary to Secondary DNS

Primary DNSWe have already installed Primary DNS on, see Windows 2003 DNS Installation and Configuratoin tutorial.

Secondary DNS/ Backup DNS
Installation and Configuration on Secondary DNS

Step 1: Set the static IP e.g, insert Windows 2003 CD into CD rom
Step 2: Open Windows components from Add Remove Programe in Controll Pannel
Step 3: Select Networking Services, click Details, check only on Domain Name Systme DNS, Click Next, This will Install DNS.
Step 4: After install open DNS, expand computer Name, right click on Forward Lookup Zone, right click, Click New Zone
Step 5: Wizard will start, Next, Select Secondary Zone type, Next
Step 6: Enter zone name,, Next
Step 7: Write Master DNS IP here it is, add, Next, Finish
Further Steps on Primary/Master DNS
Step 8: Open DNS and expand Forward Lookup Zones
Step 9: Select Zone name e.g, right click select properties
Step 10:Select Zone Transfer, check Only to the following servers,
Step 11:write Secondary DNS/backup DNS IP e.g, press, Add, apply and Ok

Verification: on Secondary/Backup, open DNS, expand computer name right click on zone e.g, slect Transfer from Master, This will transfer the reconds.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Windows 2003 Active Directory Removel

Server Side

Step 1: Click Start,Run, write dcpromo
Step 2: A wizard will start, click Next
Step 3: Check This server is the last domain controoler in the domain on Removel Active Directory page, click Next
Step 4: click yes on do you want to coninue
Step 5: On Application Directory Partitons page, click Next to remove all partitions
Step 6: Check Delete all application directory partitions on this domain controller, Next
Step 7: Give root passwd and click Next, It will start to remove, If you face any error re-do the all above steps
Step 8: click Finish and Restart the computer
Step 9: Remove suffix domain name e.g fizaan and restart again

Disjoin the Domain on client

Step 1: Right click on My Computer, click properties
Step 2: Click Computer Name, then change button and Select Workgroup and write WORKGROUP
Step 3: Restart the computer

Windows 2003 DNS Installation, Configuration

Installation: Server Side

Step 1: Insert Windows 2003 CD into cd rom
Step 2: Open control pannel: first open my computer then click control panel
Step 3: Open add/remove program then open add/remove windows compnent
Step 4: Select Networking services, click detain button, check Domain Name System DNS
Step 5: Press OK, this will install the DNS, press Finish

Configuration Server Side
Creation of Forward Lookup zone
Step 1: Open DNS from Administrative Tools
Step 2: Click-right on Forward Lookup Zones, then New Zone
Step 3: Wizard will start, click Next, Select Primary Zone, Next
Step 4: Write Zone name e.g
Step 5: Zone File name, no need to change, click Next
Step 6: Select Allow Dynamic updates both secure and non secure, Next, finish the Wizard
Step 7: click folder in right side window,
Step 8: Double Click on Namer Server Type
Step 9: Click on add button, write FQDN e.g and IP of a DNS Server, it same machine
Step 10: Apply and Ok

Creation of New host Record in zone
Step 1: Right click on Zone name e.g, right click on right side windows
Step 2: Click New Host(A)
Step 3: Write Name e.g www, then IP address: (same machine also have web server)
Step 4: Add host, host have been created successfuly, this installed the host record.

Making Reverse Look-up zone
Step 1: open DNS and expand, select Reverse Lookup zone, right click New Zone
Step 2: Wizard will start, select Primary zone, Next
Step 3: Enter Network ID: 192.168.1, Next
Step 4: Leave the Revere lookup zone name as it is,, Next
Step 5: Select Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates, Next, finish
After that Create the POINTER RECORD in it
Step 6: Expand Reverse lookup zones, click 192.168.1.x.Subnet
Step 7: Right click on right side window and select New Pointer(PTR)
Step 8: Enter Host IP e.g 102 and host name in my case.
Step 9: Press Ok

Client Side

Check/change the DNS to newly installed DNS

Step 1: click start, run, write nslookup
Step 2: write the zone name e.g >
Step 3: It will give the Name: and Address:
Step 4: now write the name of Web server e.g >
Step 5: It will/should give Name: Address:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Windows 2003 Users and Group Managment in Active Directory

Creation of Users and Groups

Step 1: Open Active Directory users and Computer, for that click start,
Administrative Tools
Step 2: Expand domain name, fizaan, right click on user, click new user
Step 3: Fill credentials of user in open windows
Step 4: Provide good password, 2003 has some policy of choosing password
Step 5: Click finish
Step 6: Login from client using this user/pasword, remember choose the domain FIZAAN, in login window

Creation of Group
Step 1: Open Active Directory users and Computer, for that click start,
Administrative Tools
Step 2: Expand domain name, fizaan, right click on user, click new group

Step 3: Provide the group name, scope and Type. press OK

Adding members in Group
Step 1: Right click on group name and properties
Step 2: Click member tab, add button, write user name aanish, you can fine users by clicking Advance
Step 3: Click Ok

Setting user login time and selected Computer
Step 1: Right click on user name then click properties
Step 1: Click Account tab, Logon hours, select the time
Step 1: for setting selected computer, on account tab, click Logon To and select the computer by writting it's name.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Windows 2003 Active Directory Installation and Configuration

Windows 2003 Server: Installation
You computer is connected to switch and get ip from DHCP server or static
Step 1: Click start,Run,enter dcpromo
Step 2: Click next and next again
Step 3: Select the Domain controller for your domain, click next
Step 4: Select Domain in New forest and Next
Step 5: Write FQDN e.g, click Next
Step 6: Netbion name FIZAN, click next
Step 7: Click next on Database and log folder, leave the default
Step 8: Shared system Volume Folder, leave it default and click Next
Step 9: Select Install and configure the DNS on the computer and cleck Next
Step 10:Permission Compatible with Pre Windows.... and click Next
Step 11:Restore mode Password, leave it blank click Next
Step 12:Summary page, view and click Next
Step 13:It will ask the Windows 2003 Server CD
Step 14:End of Active Directory Installation wizard, press Finish
Step 15:Restart the computer

Windows 2003 client: Configuration
This computer is in same network in server and have IP.
Step 1: Right click on My computer icon and click properties
Step 2: click Computer Name and change button
Step 3: Select the Domain, write fizaan, click OK
Step 4: Prompt for user name and password, provide(I did not mention in above server installation)
Step 5: There will be message prompt " Welcome to the Fizaan domain", press ok
Step 6: Restart the computer