Thursday, October 9, 2008

Window 2003 WINS Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance


Step 1: Open add/remove Windows by selecting add/remove programes in Control Panel
Step 2: Select Networking Service, click details
Step 3: Check Windows Internet Name Server
Step 4: Click Ok, Next


Step 1: Open WINS from Administrative tools and expand Computer Name e.g TEST03-SERVER (
Step 2: Right Click on Active Registration then select Display
Step 3: From new window, Click Record Types (3rd Tab), Click Clear All
Step 4: Select only those tecord which you want to display, Click Find now

Back up WINS Database
Step 1: In WINS, right Click on computer name and select properties
Step 2: In General tab, click browse, select driver, make new folder e.g WINS backup, press OK.
Step 3: Right click again on computer name and click backu, it will take the backup

Restore WINS backup
Step 1: Stop WINS service by right click on Computer name in WINS, all taks then Stop, this will put red cross on WINS (cannot find WINS server)
Step 2: After stop, right click on computer name agian in WINS, click Restore Database
Step 3: Provide path and click ok

WINS Replication

Step 1: Install WINS on 2nd Computer in the same way did in frist.
Step 2: Open WINS from Administrative Tools, select computer name
Step 3: Right click on Replication Partner, select New Replication partner
Step 4: In pop-up windows give the IP or name of 2nd WINS e.g
Step 5: Select the Replication partner in right windows, right click on it
Step 6: Start push Replication, check Start for this partner only, press ok, ok
Step 7: Start pull Replication,

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