Sunday, October 12, 2008

Window 2003 DFS Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Server Side:

In windows 2003 Installatin, DFS is installed by default, no need to install again.

Client Side:
Step 1: Make a filder e.g c:\DFS-client1
Step 2: Share the folder and set the permissin.

Server Side:
Step 1: Make a folder and share it, e.g C:\root
Step 2: Open Distributed File System from Administrative Tools
Step 3: Right click on Distributed file systme, Click New Root, a wizard will start, click Next.
Step 4: If you have Domain, select Domain root, if WORKGROUP then Stand-alone root , I am using stand-alone root, click Next.
Step 5: Write Server name or IP e.g, click Next
Step 6: Now give the root name, shared folder made in first step on srver e.g root and Finish the wizard.
Step 7: After finish right click on \\TEST03-SERVER\root and click New Link
Step 8: Name of Link for client1 e.g, select the path to shared folder by click on Browse, Entire Network, Microsoft Windows Network, Workgroup, 2003-client select DFS-client1, press ok, Finsih
Step 9: Repeat the same steps for other clients.

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