Thursday, October 9, 2008

Window 2003 Web Server (IIS) Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Server End
DNS in your networkd.
Domain in your network.
Static IP configured in server where you are going to install IIS.
Make a folder e.g C:/web in you server and store page inded.html

Step 1: Open control add/remove programs, click add/remove Windows components
Step 2: Select Application services, click details
Step 3: Check Internet Information Services
Step 4: Click ok then Next


Step 1: Open IIS from administrative tools
Step 2: Right click on Web sites, click New site...
Step 3: Wizard will start, next, description e.g my web site, next
4tep 4: Give IP:, prot 80 default, header
Step 6: Browser the path to we directory e.g web
Step 7: Set the web site permission, next and finish.
Step 8: Expand the web sites folder left side and right click on websites click propterties
Step 9: Click the Documents tab, move up default page index.html to top
Step 10: Ok

Client Side
Step 1: Set the DNS to Your DNS server
Step 2: Open the browser and write
Step 3: This will open the page
Step 10:

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