Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Windows 2003 DNS Installation, Configuration

Installation: Server Side

Step 1: Insert Windows 2003 CD into cd rom
Step 2: Open control pannel: first open my computer then click control panel
Step 3: Open add/remove program then open add/remove windows compnent
Step 4: Select Networking services, click detain button, check Domain Name System DNS
Step 5: Press OK, this will install the DNS, press Finish

Configuration Server Side
Creation of Forward Lookup zone
Step 1: Open DNS from Administrative Tools
Step 2: Click-right on Forward Lookup Zones, then New Zone
Step 3: Wizard will start, click Next, Select Primary Zone, Next
Step 4: Write Zone name e.g fizaan.com
Step 5: Zone File name, no need to change fizaan.com.dns, click Next
Step 6: Select Allow Dynamic updates both secure and non secure, Next, finish the Wizard
Step 7: click fizaan.com folder in right side window,
Step 8: Double Click on Namer Server Type
Step 9: Click on add button, write FQDN e.g fizaan.com and IP of a DNS Server, it same machine
Step 10: Apply and Ok

Creation of New host Record in zone
Step 1: Right click on Zone name e.g oslo.com, right click on right side windows
Step 2: Click New Host(A)
Step 3: Write Name e.g www, then IP address: (same machine also have web server)
Step 4: Add host, host have been created successfuly, this installed the host record.

Making Reverse Look-up zone
Step 1: open DNS and expand, select Reverse Lookup zone, right click New Zone
Step 2: Wizard will start, select Primary zone, Next
Step 3: Enter Network ID: 192.168.1, Next
Step 4: Leave the Revere lookup zone name as it is,1.168.192.in-addr.arpa.dns, Next
Step 5: Select Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates, Next, finish
After that Create the POINTER RECORD in it
Step 6: Expand Reverse lookup zones, click 192.168.1.x.Subnet
Step 7: Right click on right side window and select New Pointer(PTR)
Step 8: Enter Host IP e.g 102 and host name test03-server.fizaan.com in my case.
Step 9: Press Ok

Client Side

Check/change the DNS to newly installed DNS

Step 1: click start, run, write nslookup
Step 2: write the zone name e.g > oslo.com
Step 3: It will give the Name: oslo.com and Address:
Step 4: now write the name of Web server e.g > www.oslo.com
Step 5: It will/should give Name: www.oslo.com Address:

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