Thursday, October 9, 2008

Window 2003 DHCP Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

You server should have static IP on it.

Step 1: Click add/remove windows components in add/remove progmrams in Control panel
Step 2: Select Networking Services, dlick details,
Step 3: check only Dynamic Host configuration Prptocol (DHCP), OK, Next, This will start installation
Step 4: Finsih


Step 1: Open DHCP from Administrative Tools
Step 2: Right Expand Computer name e.g Test03-server, click New Scope
Step 3: Write name of scope e.g fizaan-dhcp and Descrition
Step 4: Enter Start IP: e.g and End IP: e.g, Subnet mask Length: 24 and mask:, Next
Step 5: Skip Add Exclusions, Next, Lease Duration change default 8 days to 1, press Next
Step 6: Configure options now, press Next, Give Router IP of your Network:
Step 7: Give Domain Name:, DNS server IP:, WINS server IP:
Step 8: Activate scope, select Yes I wan to activate this scope now, Press Next

Your DHCP server is ready now

Client side Steps
Open properties of client network card, put on get IP automatic and release old by writing ipconfig /rlease on dos prompt.

Changing/Writing later DNS,WINS and Router IP

Step 1: Open DHCP from Administrative Tools and expand the Scope tree folder
Step 2: Right click on Server options and Click Configure options (same can be done via scope options)
Step 3: From General tab select different options check Router IP, WINS, DNS and give respective IP
Step 4: Click apply and ok

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