Friday, October 3, 2008

Windows 2003 Active Directory Installation and Configuration

Windows 2003 Server: Installation
You computer is connected to switch and get ip from DHCP server or static
Step 1: Click start,Run,enter dcpromo
Step 2: Click next and next again
Step 3: Select the Domain controller for your domain, click next
Step 4: Select Domain in New forest and Next
Step 5: Write FQDN e.g, click Next
Step 6: Netbion name FIZAN, click next
Step 7: Click next on Database and log folder, leave the default
Step 8: Shared system Volume Folder, leave it default and click Next
Step 9: Select Install and configure the DNS on the computer and cleck Next
Step 10:Permission Compatible with Pre Windows.... and click Next
Step 11:Restore mode Password, leave it blank click Next
Step 12:Summary page, view and click Next
Step 13:It will ask the Windows 2003 Server CD
Step 14:End of Active Directory Installation wizard, press Finish
Step 15:Restart the computer

Windows 2003 client: Configuration
This computer is in same network in server and have IP.
Step 1: Right click on My computer icon and click properties
Step 2: click Computer Name and change button
Step 3: Select the Domain, write fizaan, click OK
Step 4: Prompt for user name and password, provide(I did not mention in above server installation)
Step 5: There will be message prompt " Welcome to the Fizaan domain", press ok
Step 6: Restart the computer

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